Seven Levin Palace Independent Living Residents Show Off Their Best Matzah Brei Recipes Ahead of Passover

In a delightful display of culinary talent and community spirit, MorseLife’s Levin Palace recently hosted its annual cookoff, showcasing the culinary expertise of its residents. This year’s task was to prepare Matzah Brei, a cherished breakfast dish during the Passover holiday.

Seven residents took center stage to present their unique interpretations of this classic and delicious recipe. The MorseLife community gathered to support and sample the delicious offerings prepared by their fellow residents. The atmosphere was filled with camaraderie and the tantalizing aroma of matzah frying with eggs.

While the competition was intense, Frank Gold emerged victorious, his culinary skills earning him the title of Matzah Brei Champion. Frank’s recipe, a testament to his expertise in the kitchen, was later featured on the Passover menu, prepared by the talented chefs of Levin Palace.

Frank’s triumph is no surprise to those familiar with his culinary talents. Having previously claimed the top spot in the Latke Cookoff of 2019, Frank continues to impress and inspire his fellow residents.

The cookoff served as a welcome prelude to Passover festivities and highlighted the strong sense of community that defines MorseLife, with more than 40 residents turning out to support the event.

At MorseLife, every event is an opportunity to celebrate life. Through events like these, MorseLife continues to embody its commitment to providing exceptional living experiences for older adults, where residents not only live longer but live with purpose, passion, and joy.

MorseLife Winning Matzah Brei Recipe
Frank Gold

1 egg per 2 slices of matzah
salt and pepper to suite
canola oil

Break matzah into 1-to-2-inch pieces, soak in water, drain and squeeze as much of the water out as you can.  Then mix the eggs well, add salt and pepper, and then place the wet matzah into the egg mixture, stir until all the eggs are absorbed by the matzah.  Then place the mixture in a hot frying pan or flat top with some canola oil and cook until the bottom is crisp. Flip and get the other side crispy and the eggs cooked.