UPSIZE! How MorseLife Does Independent Living at The Levin Palace.

We’ve all heard the term downsize. The word was initially coined in the 1980s to mean making a company smaller. Not too long ago, Maria Kondo, in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, created the “cleaning out for a clearer-mind movement.” Downsizing as a virtue!

Somewhere along the way, “downsizing” became an expectation imposed on people at retirement age. But it felt like a lot of pressure, overwhelming, and it led to a lot of questions; “So we downsize because we’re supposed to, and then what? What will life be like without our familiar home and “our stuff?”

It didn’t seem like fun or something to look forward to.

MorseLife looks at this all a bit differently. Downsizing isn’t about calling 1-800 We Got Junk. Not by a long shot. It’s just the first step to a new life defined by a term we created: UPSIZING.

Now, we’re not against de-cluttering. UPSIZING doesn’t mean lugging around things well past their “sell-by” date. It doesn’t mean holding onto a lifestyle that no longer serves you, make sense or brings you joy. As Nina Paul, Senior Real Estate Specialist and a frequent speaker at MorseLife, says, “Many seniors are held captive by their belongings, overwhelmed with the thought of parting with their treasures.”

When “things” keep you from living your best, most fulfilling life, downsizing has a purpose and a very positive effect. But unlike downsizing, UPSIZE is an attitude of freedom and an approach to an elevated style of living. UPSIZING describes our luxurious Independent Living Residence, the Levin Palace.

Though it may sound like it, UPSIZE is not the opposite of downsize. UPSIZING doesn’t have to do with your belongings, or how and where you’ll move them. Ms. Paul assures us there’s lots of help for that, “Professional senior move managers can help you evaluate the contents of your home, encourage you to keep what you love, then pack, move, and unpack and arrange possessions in your new home.”

At the Levin Palace, UPSIZING means getting more out of life, at this stage of life: more fabulous food (you don’t have to cook yourself); more fun with friends (UPSIZING provides lots of both), more time for family (no prior obligations to home maintenance or other evil chores,) and more freedom (see previous.) UPSIZING is all about a more rewarding future. It’s not about fewer things. It’s about more life!

So let’s unpack that. (No pun intended.)

At the Levin Palace, our philosophy is one of enjoying life more by being connected, meeting new people, and experiencing new things. It also means continuing to do the things you love, whatever they may be, without the expenses of homeownership. Our luxury rental residences are all-inclusive!

It also means white-glove service and resort-style amenities, being engaged, and having fun. UPSIZING is gourmet dining, free Happy Hours, sports and fitness, and arts and culture. It means going to more places, and getting there more easily – we’ll take you anywhere you want to go in Palm Beach County –free!

In a nutshell, UPSIZING means More LIFE!

Go ahead, call it downsizing if you like, or even rightsizing, as Ms. Paul often does. There’s a place for that.

But there’s only one place for UPSIZING – the luxurious Levin Palace. Visit us and we think you’ll want to “UPSIZE” too!

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