1. Enter your information into the form below. Once submit is pressed, a signature is generated.
  2. In outlook email, press the button that says “new email” in the top left corner under the home tab.
  3. In the new e-mail window, select the signature button – which is in the middle of the toolbar
  4. Select signatures from the dropdown menu
  5. In the signatures window, select the new button under the signature to edit box
  6. Name your new signature and press ok. The name can be your full name.
  7. Use cntrl + v or paste to paste your signature into the edit signature box
  8. On the right, select the name of your signature for the dropdowns of new messages and replies/forwards. This will automatically add your signature to all emails.
  9. Press ok to confirm your signature


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Marilyn and Stanley M. Katz Seniors Campus

4847 David S. Mack Drive

West Palm Beach, FL 33417

T. (561) 555-5555 C. (561) 555-55555 F. (561) 555-55555