MorseLife Shines The Spotlight On Decorated World War II Veteran Allen Stern

In honor and recognition of Veteran’s Day, we thank all veterans for their service and bravery.

It isn’t uncommon to run into a heroic and decorated war veteran or two when walking the halls of MorseLife’s Levin Palace, the five-star luxury living independent residence in West Palm Beach.  Allen Stern, a ninety-eight-year-old veteran from the greatest generation, is one of several who live on campus, enjoying the freedom, fun, and more life MorseLife offers. Leading up to Veteran’s Day, Allen took some time to share a small but very important part of his history with us.

“Many members of America’s Greatest Generation are well into their 90s now, and their impact on our world today has been monumental,” said MorseLife President and CEO Keith A. Myers. “Their stories are filled with bravery, sacrifice, and grit, qualities we want to instill in younger generations because lessons from the past inform our future.”

Allen was part of Company B, 142nd Infantry, 36th Texas Division, and he fought in Africa, Italy, France, Germany, and Austria for two years during World War II.  He sustained five injuries during his service and earned a Purple Heart for his bravery on the battlefield. Allen is also the recipient of two Silver Stars, awarded for singular acts of heroism in battle, and a Bronze Star.

“I received my first Silver Star when Nazi troops overtook 40 soldiers from my division, and I managed to fire 2,000 rounds of ammunition, killing 85 German soldiers,” Allen said.  “The second Silver Star was awarded because I shot a grenade out of a German colonel’s hand and then captured 28 German soldiers. The colonel’s entire battalion surrendered.”

Allen has been married for 68 years and has three daughters and five grandchildren. He worked as an engineer for Pickering for over 35 years. He was also the former program director of ammunition research and development for the United States Army, earning a technical achievement award for his work.

Today, Allen is a delightful and witty resident here at MorseLife’s Levin Place, enjoying life to the fullest. We thank you, Allen, for your tremendous service to our country.