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GoFundMe Campaign for Impoverished Holocaust Survivors


When MorseLife Health System launched its “NOW for Holocaust Survivors” campaign highlighting that thousands of Holocaust Survivors in Palm Beach County are living in poverty, people from around the world including Germany, Israel, Denmark and across the nation responded with an urgent desire to help.  As part of a larger commitment by MorseLife to ensure that no Holocaust Survivor in Palm Beach County is left to live without the basic services they need, the organization has launched an online fundraising campaign through GoFundMe to assist two local impoverished Survivors over the next five years.

“GoFundMe is a straightforward and intergenerational donation platform for students, grandchildren and compassionate people of all income levels to contribute,” said Keith Myers, President and CEO of MorseLife Health System. “Even small donations make a meaningful difference when many people give.”

MorseLife named the couple who will benefit from the GoFundMe campaign Ella and Tabor to protect their privacy. Their story echoes the ordeal that other Survivors also endured during the darkest period in human history. They met in a Displaced Person’s camp after surviving unspeakable suffering during the Holocaust.  Married for 70 years, they now live on a meager combined monthly income and struggle to get by.

With the estimated annual cost of $10,000 per Survivor to fill the gaps in care they currently receive from other sources, MorseLife’s goal is to raise $100,000 dollars through online donations to help Ella and Tabor for at least five years.

“Our objective is to provide five years of interrupted care to these two individuals which will allow them peace of mind as they live out their daily lives,” noted Myers.

MorseLife will use funds donated to the GoFundMe campaign to provide Ella and Tabor with regular and nutritious meal delivery as well as additional personal, home care and financial assistance. Funds will support medication and medical equipment not covered by Medicare, as well as home modifications for accessibility.

To learn more or to make a donation that will improve the lives of Ella, Tabor and other Holocaust Survivors, visit the GoFundMe campaign page.

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