Belle Roberts, was one of the first residents at The Tradition at MorseLife when it opened in 2004. Today, May 15, 2018, she turns 107 years old. She attributes her longevity and passion for life to the advice of her late mother who told her to “take from life as much as you can,” and that is exactly what she’s done.

As a resident of The Tradition, she is well-known for her infectious giggle, upbeat attitude and a zest for living, and is fortunately still thriving independently.

As for the reason for her long life, Belle notes that it has not necessarily been attributable to good genes. “Both of my parents lived to their 80s, and my siblings passed away early in their lives,” she said. “For me, I think it has been a combination of active living and good fortune.”

Belle is the personification of MorseLife Health System’s long-standing commitment to healthy aging at The Tradition – extraordinary living with beautiful apartments and housekeeping, on-site medical care, delicious, nutritious meals, fitness programs, a wealth of activities, and assistance when needed. Happy 107th birthday, Belle!

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