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Step onto the MorseLife campus on any given day and you’ll find a multitude of love stories, some who’ve shared more than six decades together, and others with colorful stories of finding true love while attending a Tradition social mixer. Regardless of when and how each couple met, when it comes to making love last, the residents of MorseLife have valuable wisdom to share. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we spoke with three MorseLife couples in their 90s who gave us tips for what it takes to build lifelong love.

Pick your battles: Nobody’s perfect, and partners can often take the brunt of our day-to-day frustrations. Our resident love experts advised us to take a step back and think about whether the issue is truly important to address, and if it is, to be kind and direct rather than snapping or resorting to passive-aggressive behavior.

Approach relationships as a partnership: While relationships ebb and flow, and partners may take turns supporting one another through major life events, no one partner should consistently dominate a relationship. Partners should treat each other with respect and approach decisions together.

Trust triumphs all: Ultimately, few things are more important than trust and honesty with your partner, who you should be able to turn to in life’s most challenging moments. While complete honesty can be daunting, it will feel freeing to have no secrets with your partner in the end.

Have Fun: Above all, this tip reigned true amongst all of our MorseLife lovebirds. Whether it’s engaging in a celebration, watching a performance, attending a social gathering, indulging in a great meal, or spending time doing a fun activity, our couples at MorseLife make spending time together a priority.

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