New Emergency Power Rules Now Law For Florida Nursing Homes/Assisted Living Residences

     Keith Myers, president/CEO of MorseLife Health System, was interviewed recently by WPTV regarding its level of hurricane preparedness to ensure the safety and security of residents and patients on its 37 acre campus.

With the 2018 hurricane season predicted to be similar to last year’s season, emergency power rules have become law in Florida for nursing homes and assisted living residences, particularly after 12 patients at a Hollywood Hills rehabilitation center died in suffocating heat during Hurricane Irma.

MorseLife Health System in West Palm Beach was among few senior care organizations to have generators throughout Hurricane Irma last September.   Keith Myers, president/CEO of MorseLife noted that patients in its short-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities, and residents of its independent and assisted living residence saw no interruption of power or vital services throughout the storm.  “Additionally, we opened our doors to families of employees and the frailest of its community to ensure their safety and security,” he added.

“MorseLife invested heavily in generators and building and system improvements over the past five years to ensure safety of patients and residents,” he said. “With five generators, including a bi-fuel generator that runs on diesel and natural gas, and hurricane impact glass throughout its buildings, we are ready for the worst.”

With law taking effect on June 1, there are many among the state’s 700 nursing homes and 3100 assisted living residences that have not yet complied to provide their plans.   With the hurricane season expected to be as severe as last year, there is a huge concern for the welfare of the most vulnerable among the senior population.

The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) requires nursing homes and assisted living residences to have a “sufficient alternative power source such as a generator” that can run a minimum of four days with air temperature not to exceed 81 degrees.

The generators and system upgrades of MorseLife Health System represent an investment in the welfare of the seniors served on our campus.   “Our long-standing mission for over 35 years has been to enhance the lives of older adults of our community,” noted Myers.   “We take very seriously our responsibility to our seniors, among the most vulnerable of our population, to keep them safe and secure.  Not doing so would just be thoughtless on our part.”

Did you know the hurricane season runs from June through November?  Learn more about MorseLife’s preparedness in this video.